Progressive Assurance

We give you more on-site insight

Bring everyone together in one place to plan, track and progressively assure your project from design to commissioning. Connect teams across disciplines and suppliers to ensure that your evidence is validated, complete and always available. Capture data on-site using our mobile app to create quality check sheets, shift reports and site surveys, complete with photos, videos and location data.

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Automated Construction Trackers

Advanced automation for time critical projects

Use design data to automatically create construction trackers. Once design allocation has been added to Helix, trackers are updated in real-time. Once a component is added to the design, the engineering team's tracker will be updated instantly to ensure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information.

End to End Material Management

Material management, better managed

Helix covers every step of the process and connects engineering teams with material coordinators to help you manage warehouses, requisitions, orders, deliveries, picking and returns. Make sure that your teams are on the same page by allowing everyone to view design allocation, cross sections, plans and even component drawings.

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Real time. Real smart.
Track progress and performance from conception to completion.

See exactly where every team, every discipline and every supplier is up to with live maps, trackers, KPIs, reports and custom-built dashboards. Access all areas of your project at pace, in one place.

Track progress and performance


With all your data in one place, Helix takes the pain out of hand-back. Have you ever looked forward to hand-back? With Helix you can. Document controllers export data with ease.

Quality Check Sheets

Complete forms on site that are pre-filled with design values and are validated with photos and videos. QCS completed with the Helix mobile app are instantly available, easily reviewed, and are stored securely ready for hand-back.


With your DOWLs (defects and outstanding works lists) in Helix, everyone can see, own and complete tasks to get the job done.

Shift Reports

Complete shift reports on site which are instantly made available to the people that matter.

Commercial Tools

Track commercial KPIs with real-time planned vs actuals, delays, cost per shift, personnel rates, plant rates and more.