A flexible pricing structure for an unstructured world.


Helix Go

  • Manage any project of any size.
  • Set up new projects in minutes.
  • Best for small to medium-sized projects.
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Helix Workflo

  • Discipline-specific workflows that are optimised for each activity.
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Helix Pro

  • Create custom workflows to give you the competitive edge.
  • Auto-generate construction trackers from design data.
  • Includes end-to-end material management.
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Discover the best plan for you

  • Quality Check Sheets Complete forms on site that are pre-filled with design values and validated with photos and videos. QCS completed with the Helix mobile app are instantly available, easily reviewed, and stored securely ready for hand-back
  • Shift Reports Complete shift reports on site which are instantly made available to the people that matter.
  • Multiple Project Support
  • Live Map Views Use live maps to see your project progressing in real-time. Map layers allow you to monitor each stage of construction and quickly access key documentation.
  • Snagging (DOWLS) With your DOWLs (defects and outstanding works lists) in Helix, everyone can see, own and complete tasks to get the job done.
  • Document Control Tools
  • Commercial Reporting Track commercial KPIs with real-time planned vs actuals, delays, cost per shift, personnel rates, plant rates and more.
  • Planning tools Plan works, assign jobs to team members and monitor your teams' work with complete visibility. Send job lists to engineers and supervisors and attach design drawings, meeting notes, permits and other documents.
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • Discipline Specific Workflows
  • Custom Built Workflows
  • Material Management Connect engineering teams with material coordinators to help manage warehouses, requisitions, orders, deliveries, picking and returns. Everyone can view design allocation, cross-sections, plans and even component drawings.
  • Auto-generated construction trackers (based on design data) Use design data to automatically create construction trackers. Once design allocation has been added to Helix, trackers are updated in real-time.
  • Go Workflo Pro

Any questions on your mind?

How secure is Helix?
We take security seriously. All of your data is encrypted in transit and at rest in UK based cloud data centres. Helix Rail gives you total control over who has access to your information. Access rights can be individually tailored to protect your data and ensure that it is available to those who need it.
Can Helix be customised?
Customers using the Helix Pro plan can use bespoke workflows and other custom built features tailored to your exact requirements. *development fees apply.