Material Management

Manage warehouses and depots

Pick, assemble and ship materials faster and more reliably using our complete warehouse management solution. Monitor stock levels across multiple depots at the component level. Make the management of orders, deliveries, returns and issuing of stock a breeze and get peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is recorded and traceable.

Base your workflow on design data

Order, requisition and issue parts with confidence knowing the information you have is always up-to-date. By importing your project's latest design data, you can ensure that the components allocated are the components that go to site. Make sure that everyone is on the same page by viewing cross sections and allocation as well as component and assembly drawings on-site using the Helix mobile app.

Make requisitions simple

Supercharge your materials workflow by allowing engineers to requisition materials at the touch of a button. By linking requisitions to the latest design data you can ensure that the materials requested match the latest design revision.

Access real-time construction data

Wouldn't material management be easier if you knew the status of every foundation, mast and cantilever? Get live as-built data and access to quality check sheets to inform purchasing decisions.

Material management, better managed

Manage orders and deliveries

Easily log orders, track goods received, and maintain accurate records with GRNs, delivery notes, images and certificates of conformity.

Pick, assemble and assure

Make picking easy, assign picks to a team member, view pick lists, build sheets and assure assemblies before they are issued.

Issue materials to site with confidence

Maintain accurate records of all items issued by capturing signatures and photographic evidence to provide complete transparency and accountability.

Make reporting effortless

Discover the power of bespoke reports designed to deliver the information that matters most to you. Effortlessly track key commercial metrics and streamline your reporting process. Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.