Providing progressive assurance to your project

Look forward to hand-back

Assure works progressively from design to commissioning with evidence that is validated,complete and always available. When it comes to handback everything is in once place.

Get real time data from site

Effortlessly capture data on site using the Helix mobile app to create quality check sheets, shift reports and site surveys complete with photos, videos and location data.

Plan without paper

Plan works, assign jobs to team members and monitor your teams work with complete visibility. Send job lists to engineers and supervisors and attach design drawings, meeting notes, permits and other documents.

Monitor progress with live maps

Use live maps to see your project automatically progressing in real time. Map layers allow you to monitor each stage of construction and quickly access key documentation.

Setting a new standard in infrastructure planning

Sign off and approve

CREs and engineer can approve quality check sheets.

Attach Photos, Videos and Diagrams

Add Evidence to forms using the mobile app.

Send documents to Site

Attach design files, meeting notes and more

Import GPS Data

Upload data from Leica and Trimble devices.