The new standard in infrastructure.

Real time. Real smart.Helix is the digital hub for infrastructure projects.

Connected thinking that flexes your project

Helix is the digital hub for infrastructure projects. It manages your workflow from conception to completion; connecting teams seamlessly by integrating assurance, design and material management to give you a complete view of your project’s progress. Infrastructure projects, better structured.

Data you can trust

The Helix mobile app makes quality assurance easy. Take the work out of collecting data on-site with quality check sheets, forms and shift reports that are validated and complete with photos, videos and location data.

Materials Managed

Take control of materials with advanced end-to-end material management features. From requisitions through to orders, deliveries, picking and returns, Helix helps you manage every step of the process.

Track progress and performance

Access all areas of your project at pace, in one place. Live maps, dashboards, trackers and KPIs let you see exactly how your project is progressing in real-time.

You have all The Power

End to end connected support for every end user

There’s someone bright at the end of the tunnel. With dedicated customer support, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

Works on
all devices

The Helix mobile app works on Apple and Android devices and can even be used without an internet connection, allowing you to continue to work on-site without interruption.

Place trust
here and here

We take security seriously. All of your data is backed up and stored using industry-standard encryption to ensure the safety of your data and to protect your organisation.

“I can honestly say, for once, I am looking forward to the handback stages where everything is in a single location!”

“Helix has been a game-changer, having everyone on one system has been revolutionary.”

“Everything under one roof, from office to site Helix makes project management so much easier.”

Major infrastructure projects no longer need to cost us the earth.


Renewable energy powered software platform


Reduction in revisits to site


Reduction in paper usage